Filters & Frames

You can apply filters both to a photo and to individual sections of the photo. There are also a selection of frames from which to choose.

How do I Apply a Filter?
After locking your photo in, unless you have chosen to skip this step, you will be presented with a row of previews of filtered versions of your photo. Touch the one that you like to apply it. You can touch again to increase the levels.

Can I increase highlights & exposure?
Yes, touching any filter or 'normal' will cycle through filter effects that will compensate for exposure and highlight problems.

Can I filter sections of my photo?
When a photo uses one of the multi-photo layouts, you are able to choose between applying a filter to the entire composition or individually to each section. The target for the filter is determined by selecting the appropriate segment at the top of the screen. Pressing photo will switch to filtering on the entire photo. Pressing Main or Inset will switch to multi filter mode and let you choose which section to apply the filter to.

Can I blur/simulate depth of field?
Yes, pressing the ƒ blur button which precedes the 'Normal' filter preview, will let you move the 'camera lens' control to set the point of focus. The ƒ slider below this changes the intensity from minimal blur (infinity) to maximum blur. You are also able to pinch the 'camera lens' to change how much of the photo remains in focus. You can even move it out of the photo to get more/less content in focus.

How do I add a frame/border?
Below the filter preview row is a row of frame previews. You are able to touch one of these to add a frame to your photo. When in multi filter mode, selecting a frame will also apply a subtle border to the inset photo.

I added a frame and now my selfie inset is obscured. Can I fix this?
Yes, in multi filter mode, you are able to move the inset by dragging it.

I want to resize the inset now that I have applied my filter and frame. Can I do this?
Yes, in multi filter mode, though the blue resize handle is hidden so that you can better see how your photo looks, you can still actually resize the inset by dragging on the left most point of the circle's radius or the top left corner of a rectangular inset.

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