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Tips & advantages for using Snaptile with Instagram.

Do I need the Instagram app on my phone to post Snaptiles to Instagram?
Yes, Instagram doesn't have an API (Application Program Interface) for uploading photos in the same way that the larger social networks do. Therefore, Snaptile sends a copy of the photo to the Instagram app as though you had just taken the photo. It also send across any comment that you have added along with the default #hashtag that you configured for the camera.

Should I share to Facebook & Twitter via Instagram or via Snaptile?
Though Instagram does let you share to Twitter & Facebook, it is quite limited in its functionality. For Twitter, it only sends a link in the Tweet and this can be quite slow and frustrating for Twitter users. Snaptile in contrast uploads a native Twitter photo. For Facebook, Instagram has no privacy/audience control, doesn't support groups and works with pages via an either/or system. That is, you cannot easily choose between your personal account and a page without going all the way into Instagram settings. This can be an easy way to accidentally share a photo to the wrong account. Therefore, it is much better to share to Facebook & Twitter via Snaptile and also send a copy to the Instagram app at the same time. You can do this all in one. 

What is the advantage in using Snaptile to post to Instagram over just using the Instagram camera?
With Snaptile, aside from the social sharing advantages, you also have the following benefits:
  • Multi format composition such as selfiegrams, spotlights etc. 
  • A more advanced blur control. 
  • A number of unique effects, such as pixelation etc. 
  • The option of a number of "straight" filters, that do not apply vintage effects.
  • The ability to add titles and captions.
  • The ability to watermark your photos.
  • You can fit a full length or width photo into a square without ugly borders.

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