Mail & Messaging

Can I automatically email or iMessage a Snaptile photo to someone?
Yes, any tile camera can be configured to automatically send via email or iMessage. This is done in the tile camera setup in the Mail & Messaging section.

Can I email or iMessage a Snaptile photo on an ad-hoc basis?
Yes, on the send panel that is presented when you have taken a photo, there are buttons for email & iMessage. You are able to press these and send as a message or email and then also share to social media.

Can someone send a Snaptile photo back to me from within iMessage or email?
The 'snapmeback' feature allows you to automatically include a link with any photo that you send in iMessage or email, that, if touched by a recipient that is also using Snaptile will open Snaptile up in camera mode and let them send a photo back to you. This is setup on a system wide basis in main settings and may also be set individually by tile camera.

How do I set tile camera settings when I am snapping someone back?
The 'snapmeback' feature uses the 'message' and 'mail' tile camera settings, i.e. the bottom left and bottom right tiles to let you configure default layout settings and optionally skip things like filter, places and title, define your album and save original settings and specify a watermark.

Can I setup a default audience for iMessage or Email?
Yes, each tile camera allows you to specify default 'to:' addresses or phone numbers. When specifying more than one, use a comma between each address or number.