Places & Checkins

A Snaptile photo can automatically detect the closest Facebook place  so that you can checkin really quickly and say which of your friends you are with.

This doesn't seem to be working. Why?
To uses places & checkins, you must have connected to Facebook , have location services enabled and have given the Snaptile app permission to use your location (Settings/Privacy/Location).

I want to check in where the photo was taken/where I am now. How do I this?
The app will always try to use the location from the primary photo as the checkin location. If the primary photo does not have location data or it can't be identified, then it will use your current location. You are able to switch between these areas by touching the current place name. If both photo and current location are available, you will be able to choose between the two by touching either the 'near me' segment or the 'near photo' segment.

I want to change the place. How do I this?
You can touch the current place and it will show you up to 50 Facebook places close to your location, ranked by distance. If the place you are looking for is not found, you can press 'filter places' and enter any keyword that you would like to search over.

Do places only work with Facebook shares?
They work best with Facebook, but they will also send the full place information and link if you share by email, the place name if you share by iMessage and you are able to paste the place name into shares for Twitter or Instagram. For Twitter, they will also include the place geo-data with the Twitter photo.

How do places affect photomarks?
The standard photomark uses Apple's reverse geocoding service to get the description of where you are for the text based photomark, therefore, it doesn't require you to select a Facebook place. The globe photo mark however, does require you to select a Facebook place.

How does checking in with friends affect my Facebook audience for privacy?
Regardless of your privacy setting, if you say you are with a friend at a place, they will be included in the share audience for the photo.

Why can't I say I am with friends when checking in using my Facebook page?
Facebook doesn't support checking in with friends when you are using it as a page. The place selection itself works well though.