Setup & Main Settings.

Can I skip the introduction?
Yes, click the ‘skip’ button on the top left side of the screen.

How can I watch the ‘welcome’ introduction again?
Either touch the SNAPTILE title, located at the top of your home camera screen, or choose the option at the bottom of the settings menu.

How can I connect to Facebook and Twitter?
Open settings, using the settings button located on the top right corner of the home camera screen. Under section 1. connect, touch the dark blue box, ‘Connect Facebook’. Similarly touching the light blue box will connect you to Twitter. You will need to have both your Facebook and/or Twitter account opened on their apps to connect and have set up Facebook and/or Twitter in your device Settings under the Facebook/Twitter sections. 

How can I turn on a confirmation as to how many people will see a photo that I share?
In your settings under section 2. ‘Snap Nanny’, turn on the switch by moving it to the right until it turns green. This will then always provide an audience confirmation when you share a photo. This will also then allow you to set your ‘danger zones’.

What are ‘danger zones’?
This is a time window when you feel that there is a danger of you sharing a photo when you probably should not be sharing. Before posting a photo during this time window, you will have to do a test to make sure you are on your A game. 

How do I change the level of difficulty?
Touch on the blue ‘Take a Test Drive’ button. A dialog will open with a red  moving circle, below this, there is a slider that lets you change the level of difficulty. 

How do I turn 'danger zone' off but still receive a confirmation of how many people will see my photo?
On the time window move the slider button as far as you can to the right until you see ‘Turned off’ above the line. Similarly to always have it on, move it to the left all the way until you see ‘Always on'. 

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