Taking Photos

You can create photos either by using the inbuilt camera or selecting an existing photo from your camera reel.

How do I set focus & exposure on my photos?

Touch the image on the screen where you want the camera to set the focus & exposure. A small focus mark will appear. You can refocus as required.

Can I change the size and position of multi photo layouts?

Yes, you can touch the inset to move it around. You can also resize by dragging the small blue resize indicator on the left.

How do I make my selfie and spotlight bigger and smaller?

Hold down the blue resize indicator (circle with the white arrows) and drag it right to make it smaller and left to make it bigger. By holding down the circular photo this will move it to another position on the screen.

What is clone mode used for?

When using a multi photo layout, when the camera moves to the inset picture image capture, you can switch to clone mode to capture an exact copy of the original image into the inset. This lets you highlight a part of the original image, by applying a different filter, or if you use a frame, it will be given an outline. You can also do some subtle resizing and repositioning to make an interesting composition.

Can I use existing photos from my camera reel?

Yes, there are two buttons to the left of the camera snap button. The first selects the last photo that you took and lets you crop and edit it. The second lets you select any photo from you camera reel or albums.

Can I use an existing Snaptile and add more to it?

Yes, you are able to select any existing Snaptile photo that you have taken and use it as the background image for a new Snaptile photo. You don't lose any image quality by doing this either.

Can I add more than one inset to a layout?

Yes, by selecting an existing Snaptile, it will then become the background for your new Snaptile photo. This gives many more creative options, and doesn't lose any image quality. 

How can I fit a full sized photo into a square photo to send to Instagram?

When selecting an existing photo from your camera reel, the scale & crop feature lets you choose between Instafit & Instafill. This will instantly resize the photo to either fully fit within a square or optimise it for a square.

What is the Slim & Wide slider for?

When scaling & cropping the background photo, a side by side or up down image, you are able to use the slim/wide slider to make the subject slimmer or wider.

Can I Edit & Crop a photo that I just took using the Snaptile camera?

Yes, the photo confirmation panel has a 'change' button that lets you reshoot either the background or inset. If you took the photo using the Snaptile camera, you can also scale & crop the photo that you just took.

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