Temporary Sharing

For both Facebook & Twitter, you are able to set how long your photos will be available on social media. Once this time period is up, they will be automatically deleted. This does not remove any photos that you have saved to your camera reel, only the shared copy of it. 

How do I set the social media life of a photo?
You are able to set the default life both by tile camera and at the time that you take the photo. On the photo send panel, a blue button is displayed that informs you of the current social media lifetime setting. You can touch this and set to a number of hours, days or for it to live forever. You may also press the > button to the right of the hours & days selector to let you specify by date & time.

What if I decide I did not want to post a picture onto my Facebook and Twitter, how can I quickly delete it?

On the top left hand corner of your home camera screen you will notice a blue hand with a number on it. The number represents the number of photos you have on Facebook or Twitter for which you have given a ‘Social Media Life’ plus any photos shared in the last 12 hours regardless of social media life. Touch this and you will have four options, Remove from last 12 hours, Remove from last 30 mins, Let me choose and It’s ok. The let me choose option will show the 'Don't Panic' list of all the photos and let you decide to delete them straight away or, keep them forever. This is done by sliding the photo left or right respectively and then pressing the confirmation button.

Can I still delete photos that I said to 'Keep Forever'?
Yes. Any photo shared to Facebook or Twitter is retained in the 'Don't Panic' list for 12 hours. This means that you still get a 2nd chance to cleanup your last 30 minutes, last 12 hours or select individually even though you said that you wanted to keep the photos on social media forever.

What if I decide I no longer want the photo to disappear from social media?
As above, go into the 'let me choose' option and slide the appropriate photo to the right. This will reveal a keep button. Pressing this will remove the auto delete for this photo.