Text & Photomarks

You can tell a complete story in your Snaptile by adding text and photomarks.

How can I add text?
When you are in the title/caption section of the Snaptile photo creation process, touching the photo will shift the photo up and display the keyboard so that you can enter text.

How can I change the size/font/apperance of my text?
Once you have entered text entry mode, you will see a button bar above the keyboard. There are three appearance options. 'title' lets you choose from a selection of 8 large fonts that are best suited to adding a title to your photo. 'caption' lets you choose from a selection of 12 smaller fonts that are best suited for captioning your photo. 'pallet' will let you choose from eight styles which are optimised for clarity and different purposes. The two white boxed pallet options are designed for comic style narrative or speech.

How can I reposition my text?
When editing text, pressing the OK button will hide the keyboard and display a blue resize handle on the text. You can move the text around by dragging it, or hold and move the resize handle to change the text box width & height. The text will reformat as you resize the text box. You also retain access to the size/font/appearance options. When finished, pressing Done will complete the process and hide the resize handle and text box outline. You can also drag text around at any time and it will automatically enter move/format mode.

How can I add a title AND a caption?
Once you have added your title and pressed Done to indicate that you are finished with it, a +MORE button will appear. Pressing this will let you add another text box.

What if I want to go crazy and add even more text?
As with adding more sections, you can use the same method of using an existing Snaptile as your base photo and adding more to it.

Can I dictate the text onto my photo?
Yes, if you have Siri enabled on your device, you will see a little microphone to the left of the space bar. Pressing this will let you dictate the text onto your photo. To enable Siri on supported devices, choose Settings / General / Siriand turn it on. 

What is a photo mark?
A photomark is a small band of information about your photo that is imprinted onto the image. Depending on your choice, location and when taken, it will show the summary location, day, date and time that the photo was taken, the weather and optionally, where you are on the globe.

Can I hide the photo mark?
The photomark can be hidden by pressing the None segment on the photo mark control below the photo. Note, if you are using an existing Snaptile as the photo's base photo then it will be turned off by default. Similarly, it will be turned off by default when you are using a watermark.

Why isn't the weather showing on my photomark?
Weather is only shown if the photo was taken today. If you just took a photo using the Snaptile camera, then it will display the current weather for the photo. If the photo was taken earlier in the day, it will show the day's weather. This is normally the top temperature of the day and the overall condition.

Temperature is showing in the wrong scale. How can I change this?
The decision of whether to use F or C is initially based on your device's region settings. You can override this in the main setup options via the top right button on your home camera screen.

Why don't I see the Globe option?
The globe option requires that you connect a place to your photo.

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