Tile Camera Setup

Each tile camera allows you to setup different behaviour.

How do I open and change setting on each individual Tile?

On each Tile Camera there is a button on the top right, touch it and you can set all your preferences for that Tile, to close touch the ‘ok’ button in the top right hand corner. 

Can I rename my tile?

Yes, touch the title in your Tile settings and change using the keyboard.

Can I change the appearance of my tile?

Yes, you can change the appearance of the tile camera by choosing a photo from your camera reel. This is at the bottom of the tile camera settings page under the 'Camera Tile Appearance' section.

I do not want to be asked about layouts, filters, places and/or title when uploading a photo, how do I skip this?

In each individual Tile setting under the heading ‘Capture’, you can select which layout you want to use each time. You can also skip filter, places and title by moving the appropriate switch to the right until it turns red. You can skip them all or just particular ones. Also, even though they are skipped when using the camera, you can still press the previous button to access these features should you need to.

What is wobble?

The wobble layout option lets you capture animated selfiegrams. The way this works is the camera will auto start up in wobble mode. This lets you snap the background as a static image and then switches to the front facing camera and snaps 5 quick images in succession. These images are then turned into an animated selfiegram on top of the static background. They are currently only supported in iMessage & email. They are however, saved to your camera roll as an animated GIF. When you view in the camera roll, it may not seem animated (iPhone photo viewer doesn't support animations), but when you share the image it will move. 

I do not want to share
to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, can I turn them off?
In your Tile settings under ‘Social Sharing’ set the relevant button to ‘off’ for Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. You can always override this before posting a photo if you change your mind. Alternatively if you wish to never post to these using this Tile and you do not want the option to override set them to, ‘disabled’.

How do I know which Twitter account, Facebook profile or Facebook page my photo will be shared to?

In your Tile settings under ‘Social Sharing’ you will see below where you have turned it on, which account it relates to. To change this touch on the blue text. For Twitter this will show all the accounts that you have setup on your device and allow you to choose one. For Facebook, it will show your personal account and any pages that you manage.

How do I set which Facebook friends will see my photo?

For each camera tile, below the selected Facebook account is some blue text indicating the audience. You can touch this and change to either all friends, a friend list or group, select individual friends to share to or individual friends to exclude. Note: You can also override or change this default when you are about to share the photo via the camera.

How can I share to a Facebook Group of which I am a member?
For each camera tile, below the selected Facebook account is some blue text indicating the audience. Touching this and choosing 'Change to friend list or group' will list all of the groups of which you are a member after your friend lists. Choosing one of these will then default the camera's Facebook sharing to that group. Note: You can also override or change this default when you are about to share the photo via the camera.

What is the show number of friends footnote?
When Snap Nanny Confirmation is enabled in order to show you size of the Facebook audience that will be able to see your shared photo, you are able to include a footnote to the photo's text description that will be seen by your audience. This is very useful when sharing a photo with a small audience, that otherwise would not know that the photo was intended for a small number of people. Each camera lets you set the default for this switch, further, it may be turned off or on on the confirmation panel. The actual footnote text itself is displayed for your confirmation.

What is auto tagging for?
When sharing a photo with a small number of Facebook friends, you are able to tag them in the photo automatically. This switch sets the default, and, the Snap Nanny Confirmation displayed when you are actually sharing a photo lets you turn on or off by photo.

I only want my photo to live on Facebook and Twitter for a particular amount of time, how can I set this?
For each Tile,  you can set the ‘life’ of the photo under ‘Social Media Life’. You can choose how many hours or days you want your photo to be online or select forever. Further, you can individually select a photo's ‘Media Life’ just before you post the photo. Read more about this here.

Where do my photos get saved?

By default, your photos will be saved to your camera roll and in an album called Snaptiles. For each tile, you are able to change the album name, under the 'Album' section. If you want to also automatically save any original high resolution photos that you take with a tile camera, you need to turn this on in your tile settings under the heading ‘Save Hi-Res Originals’ .

Can I Watermark my photos?
Yes, each tile camera allows you to set a watermark image that will automatically appear each time that you use the camera. You may either do creating a watermark with the snaptile camera and using overlays, or you may select an image from your camera reel. If selecting an image, it must be 640x640 pixels, PNG format and must have a clear alpha channel background.

How do I set a camera to use iMessage or Email?
Any tile camera can be set to always use iMessage or email in the Mail & Messaging section. Further, default 'to:' addresses or 'to:' phone numbers are able to be configured for each tile camera. For more information on Mail & Messaging see here.