A watermark is an overlay that is automatically applied to your Snaptile photo. This is useful for branding and for protecting copyright. Each of the six tile cameras can have a custom watermark.

How do I setup a watermark for a tile?
A watermark is configured in your tile camera settings.

Can I use Photoshop or Paintbrush on my computer to do this?
Yes, the image will need to be in .PNG format and have dimensions of 640x640 and should have a clear transparent background. Once complete, send it to your iPhone and place it in your camera reel. Note that it might look a bit strange in the camera reel as the transparency can sometimes confuse the photo preview. It's fine though. Once you have done this, go into tile camera settings, scroll to the watermark section and press the preview button. This will display menu, from which you press Select. This will then let you choose the watermark image from your camera reel.

Do you have an example image that I can send to my computer?
Yes, in the watermark section of the tile camera settings, you can press the preview button and this will present an option 'Email desktop instructions?'. Selecting this will let you email yourself a sample watermark to your desktop computer. This can then be edited in Photoshop, Paintbrush, Pixelmator or other application that can work with PNG files with an alpha channel clear transparent background.

Can I create my own watermark in the Snaptile app?
You can. In the watermark section of the tile camera settings, pressing the preview button will present a Create option. This works as follows:
  • A sample dummy background image is used where the real Snaptile photo will appear. This lets you get a reasonable idea as to how your watermark will look.
  • You choose one of the five layouts to create your watermark.
  • If using anything other than Onesy, you will be able to take a photo or choose an image from your camera reel that will be used for your watermark.
  • Once you have locked in your photo or overlay, you will then progress to the text section. Here you can apply text to your watermark, format and locate it as desired.
  • Once you have added your text, you will see a fader control. Sliding this will fade in/out your watermark over the top of the sample dummy background. 
  • Once you are satisfied with your watermark, press next and it will be applied to the tile camera.
  • Now, any photos that you take with that tile camera will automatically have the watermark applied.